Carrot & parsnip Rosti’s recipe

Carrot & parsnip Rosti’s recipe

I have been clean eating now for almost 5 months, feeling better and better by the day. So thought I would share a few of my recipes for anyone to try who is thinking of making the change to clean food or doing a new year detox.

• 4 large organic carrots
• 2 organic parsnips
• 1 organic onion
• Coriander
• 2 free range eggs
• Salt and pepper
• Coconut oil for frying (organic cold pressed is preferable)
• Organic mixed salad leaves
• 2 tbsp. sultanas
• 2 tbsp. almond flakes
• 50g organic Dorset goats cheese
(serves 2)
Grate the carrots and parsnips and place in to a large bowl. Finely chop the onion, coriander add that to the bowl along with the 2 eggs and seasoning. Mix altogether until all the ingredients are coated in the eggs. Heat a frying pan with a tsp coconut oil add enough of the mixture to make 10cm diameter rosti, fry until light brown and then turn over (approx. 2 min per side) this mixture should make between 6-8 small rosti’s or 2 large ones.
Serve 3 small rosti’s on a plate with a mixed leaf salad, sprinkle with the sultanas, almonds and a little goats cheese for a quick, tasty, healthy lunch.
They taste amazing and are also great to batch cook to freeze, just make sure you pop grease proof paper between each rosti. Enjoy 😉
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