Natural branding – Primrose’s kitchen

Natural branding – Primrose’s kitchen

One of the best part of my job is working with brands on their branded images and lifestyle concepts. Looking through what they stand for, what their brand looks like on the shelf and then telling their story through their images for social media, press, website and across all their marketing material.

Here is a case study of one of my favourite Dorset brands that I have worked for several years now. Primrose’s kitchen is a superfood product range from Dorset including muesli, granola oatmeal, porridge, nut-butters, sprinkles and smoothie boosters all 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Primrose has a Naturopathic and complementary health background and has founded her business around balance, health, nourishment and encourage people to eat healthier by listening to their bodies. The Primrose’s Kitchen range retails in lots of yummy whole-food foodie independents along with Holland & Barrett, Waitrose, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and online at

My images for Primrose’s kitchen show natural goodness by using natural rustic backgrounds, along with elements of wholesome food ingredient’s. Images of Primrose foraging in the countryside highlights Primroses naturopathic and complementary healthy heritage, showing the energy and vitality of a balanced lifestyle with photos of fun exercise. Colours are vibrant and complementary to the colour pallet that Primroses Kitchen uses on their packaging and website after all this all has to sit together as a brand. Finally, Primrose’s Kitchen is a Dorset based business so this also has to be included in her visuals with touches of country living and coastal locations.

Putting together a collection of images for a brand is not just about picking up a camera and turning up to a shoot to me, it is about understanding the brand and the planning behind the images. My images have to sell their products, tell their story, share their ethics and make as impact in a split second. The best images are the ones that jump off your customer’s smartphone as they scroll through their daily news feed and your customer remember as that is the one that sells your brand.

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Lara Jane is an established as a successful commercial photographer. Her work has an up to the minute creative style, with a commercial understanding that benefits any business or brand offering not only photography but creative direction and design capabilities.