Off to the farm with Goldhill organics part 1

Off to the farm with Goldhill organics part 1

Last year I was approached by Goldhill organics, the fresh vegetable box company, to produce a collection of images that represent this fabulous organic vegetable business. Goldhill organics delivers amazingly tasty organic vegetables grown by the cross family in North Dorset at Gold Hill Organics Farm, for the last 25 years, one of the first organic growers in the UK.

Picking starts earlier on the farm and as the best light for a photographer is often at sunrise; 6.30am start during the summer is often the case if I want to capture the action. Up I turn with a flask of hot tea, a bag full of camera equipment and a warm hoodie only to find the farm is buzz with action already. The farm employees are all running around the fields picking beans, digging carrots and chopping leaks, I had to run to keep up with them all. They did find time to tell me a little about what they do and their passion for trailing new vegetables and different growing techniques, but still keeping true to their original organic ethos. I learnt about the use of polytunnels, types of manure used, the local soil and the crop rotation to help regenerate the soil around the farm, you could really see the passion that goes in to growing these vegetables.
The wonderful thing about Goldhill organic boxes is not only do they have the most amazing tasting organic locally grown vegetables but those vegetables are picked the very morning they are delivered to your door. So they are as fresh as if your grandad had dug them up on the allotment that very morning, as I remember my grandad doing on a Sunday, when I was little.

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