Street food in London – Thinking on your feet in food and lifestyle photography.

Street food in London – Thinking on your feet in food and lifestyle photography.

I have always had the talent of thinking on the feet meaning no matter what the situation, always arriving with my cameras set up and ready to shoot as you never know what you’re going to find at some photo shoots. Working out a good angle the right light and background to get the shot that works. Many of my shoots are about working within my surroundings, getting the best-branded shot at an event capturing the natural atmosphere in the available light, running between kitchen and restaurant to capture food and chefs in action. I work with available light where possible as you don’t often have the luxury of spending hours setting up lighting equipment, which can often slow me down especially in lifestyle photography which needs to be more natural in look. Investing in camera and lenses that allowed me to work across many low light conditions.Making sure that I am unobtrusive as possible at an event, making the people around me as comfortable as possible, allowing me to capture real-life and natural looking images.

Working with lots of brands across the UK but nothing is more satisfying than working with a start-up business and it was a great joy to Work with Charlie and Tom at 7 bridges deli as they were starting up their New york style deli street food business in London a couple of years ago. They approached me to photographer their launch party at The social in Brixton. After chatting to there deign team who was setting up their website I realised I was going to have to be quick on my feet for this shoot. They needed a set of strong brand images to launch their new website along with some product images to send to the press along with plenty of lifestyle images to use ion social media. This also included a very quick next day turnaround of image editing images so they had the had a quick brand launch. Speed to market in the name of the game at times in modern day commercial photography.

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Lara Jane is an established as a successful commercial photographer. Her work has an up to the minute creative style, with a commercial understanding that benefits any business or brand offering not only photography but creative direction and design capabilities.